5 Top Tips for Creating Space in Small Bedrooms

July 29, 2014

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL, Jul 29, 2014—Whether your home is short on space or you just converted that small office into a guest room, when dealing with a small bedroom, it’s important to know how to make the best of the hand you’re dealt. Below, Rich Berges, Real Estate Professional of BerkshireHathawayHSFNR tells us some top tips for creating space in small bedrooms.

1. Keep it well-lit. “Large windows lend natural light to open up your bedroom and make it feel more abundant,” says Berges. Keep your window treatments simple and fuss-free.

2. Maximize your storage. “From built-ins to hide-away drawers, being smart about your storage is key to opening up your small bedroom,” says Berges. Floor-to-ceiling built-ins not only look great, but also add an abundance of easy storage options. If you can’t afford to add built-ins, look for furniture with stow-away options, like beds with drawers underneath, or a headboard with built-in shelving.

3. Keep it simple. When decorating your small bedroom, keep things simple. Clean lines and light colors (like whites and grays) can help open up your room. Choose a few statement decorative pieces, opt-out of knickknacks and make sure to keep surfaces clutter-free.

4. Add optical illusions. Adding a mirrored wall will help reflect light and make your space appear larger. Can’t swing a wall of glass? Hanging clusters of mirrors will do the trick as well, Berges notes.

5. Customize. “Custom-built furniture can help optimize every nook and cranny, like a desk built to fit in a corner or a bed built to nestle under an eave,” suggests Berges.
For more home staging, please contact BerkshireHathawayHSFNR at [email protected], 1-904-477-0799, or BerkshireHathawayHSFNR.

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